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The NLOL Pet Adoption Center is the longest-standing operation of the NLOL family. Our mission to establish permanent adoption of abandoned cats and dogs is achieved through this facet of our overall mission, as we provide shelter, food, basic medical care and training to each rescued animal. It is not unusual for us to find animals left overnight in crates or chained to trees in front of our building. Last year we were able to touch the lives of over 1,300 companion animals that, through no choice or fault of their own, were handed over to our care.

Because of our expertise, we are often called on to assist with puppy mill seizures or abuse cases where temporary care is needed until the courts decide the fate of the animals involved.  We regularly aid Animal Rescue Corps,  the Humane Society of the United States, as well as local animal control officers, with such cases.  Even without funding support from these entities, we assist in countless rescues, such as the recent Operation Broken Chain where 65+ dogs were removed from a suspected dog fighting operation. Responding to daily phone calls, we acknowledge the limited resources available to many community members who can no longer care for their dog or cat.  The NLOL Adoption Center is typically the only alternative for those seeking a safe-haven for their animal.



Mitzy: A Pet's Impact on Family

Mitzy is a black Labrador mix that was surrendered to NLOL from Wilson County Animal Control.  In other organizations, all black large dogs are typically the first to be euthanized and the last to be adopted.

Mitzy was adopted into a family home for disabled children in our community, where she is making an extraordinary impact on the lives of the children in the home by providing unconditional love and companionship. 

Mitzy’s adopted family is very grateful to NLOL and Almost Home for finding the perfect home for her and for providing a resource for the unconditional love that only a pet such as her could give to their children.


Pet Adoption Center Hours
Tuesday - Saturday | 12PM - 5PM
Closed Sunday & Monday



Many people treat pets as commodities. The excuses for abandonment range from behavior problems, allergies and lack of time or resources, to simply that the animal no longer suits their lifestyle. Through this heart-breaking process, we recognize that we, too, are limited in the resources that we have to care for the thousands of neglected or abandoned animals in our community.

In January of 2009, we evaluated our current practices and found that with the help of our generous Angel Fund donors, we could employ low-cost methods to reach our goal of being a “No-Kill” shelter. We were able to enlist a veterinarian to evaluate the medical status and needs of these animals. We also adjusted our medical protocols and created an extensive medication oversight procedure, which enables us to address medical issues that have historically been beyond our capabilities.

With pet food donations from community members, we are able to assist individuals who are unable to afford food for their animals. We also provide a helpline as a resource to guide adopting families and community members seeking advice on how to handle both the simple and complex behavior problems they experience with their pets. Through these outreach efforts, we are proud to have an adoption rate of 95 percent, well exceeding the national adoption figures of only 40 percent.


An application for adoption of one of our cats or dogs may be found under the Forms section of our website or by clicking here.

"New Leash has a clear commitment to the well-being of every animal. I am pleased to support their mission and their work."
– Dr. Craig, Veterinarian for New Leash

Despite our great passion and continual commitment to reach our neighbors and address pet overpopulation, we are hampered by the poor state of our building and our deteriorating treatment room. Every day NLOL’s dedicated staff members scrub cages, walk dogs, fill food and water bowls, address medical needs and provide behavioral support. They work diligently, keeping in mind that in the near future, we may not have a home where we can continue providing these vital services. We know that we must go to greater lengths to teach individuals about the responsibility of animal care and the ways to keep their families safe from unstable, free-roaming animals – but we cannot expand our reach without the adequate space.

New Leash on Life will continue to care for the abandoned, neglected and the unwanted with a sense of hope. However, we are realistic in knowing that one day soon, these services will not be available without the support of our community to build a new facility.

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